Alumni gives back to Western community


Zach Ramsay, Western alumni, continues to support Western as he strives to be the best Alumnus possible.
Ramsay graduated in May of 2002. His majors included English with an emphasis in Public Relations and English with a Journalism emphasis, with a minor in Philosophy.

During college he was an active member in Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, holding many offices, including president. He was also a member of organizations such as Sigma Tau Delta, Honors program, Baptist Student Union, Alcohol Awareness Committee, and he wrote for many different publications around the country, including the Griffon News and Yearbook.

Since college, Ramsay has begun his career at Altec Industries as a Hydraulic product commodities buyer. He is married to Western alum, Erin (Burke) Ramsay, who graduated in 2005 and was a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha. They both reside in St. Joseph with their dog, Karma.

“We have no children, just ourselves and little Karma, which is fine with us,” Ramsay jokes. “We like other people’s kids, for about 2 hours at a time.”

During college, Ramsay would often talk to friends or members of other organizations at different schools and hear tales about their “alumni helping them out,” or “alumni coming back or staying in touch with their alumni.”

“It was sour grapes the entire time,” Ramsay said. “Partially because Western didn’t have that foundation and partly because I kept thinking of the unknown potential that students, specifically Greek students, would benefit from having alumnus who were around and concerned and financially contributed and helped them out.”

Ramsay vowed that he would be an alum that would do those things when he graduated and landed firmly on his feet. He thinks it’s important that Alumni stays involved with organizations they were involved with and show their support to current students.

“Zach is a really dedicated alumni,” Western student Katy Schwartz said. “He gives a lot back to Western and his fraternity and he never gives up on the Western spirit.”

Throughout the year, Ramsay helps with many activities. He has acted as the advisor for TKE since fall 2003. He helps the chapter with events such as their annual “Running Past the Rivalry” Football run and the “Teke in a Box” philanthropy.
Additionally, Ramsay has served on the Alumni Events Committee for two years, helping with events such as wine tasting, bar/restaurant events, drive-in movie nights, an ice skating day at Crown Center, and a series of “Lunch & Learn” luncheons at the college for alumni.  Ramsay has also been an ambassador for being a Griffon for life by handing out Alumni pins, memorabilia, and congratulation items at both the spring and fall commencements every semester.

“That’s a big function of the Alumni Committee,” Ramsay said. “To be the representatives of the alumni with “newbie” alumni.  I have also just been elected to my first term on the Alumni Association Board, and continue to serve as a member of the Events committee as the St. Joseph Area Events Coordinator and Co-Coordinator of alumni Homecoming Activities.”

Overall, Ramsay tries to help support Western in as many ways as he can. Whether helping with organization he was involved with, working with the Alumni association, or riding in the Homecoming parade with his fellow Alumni supporters, Ramsay does his best to model how Western alumni should support this community. 

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