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Until now, Missouri Western has been out of sync with automotive fashion. Sure, there have been plenty of stickers, but after Labor Day it’s a faux pas, especially if you have a white car.

Stickers aren’t hip. Stickers are hard to read, unless you’re stuck at the Faraon Street entrance waiting on the light to change.

The chic commuter was at a loss and alumni were in tears.

Well, no longer. Commuters rejoice: there will soon be a new way to show school spirit.
Missouri Western collegiate license plates are now available.

Alumni who register their automobile within the state and make a 25 dollar contribution to the MWSU Foundation are eligible for the new license plates.

While the fee is required due to state endowment laws, the MSWU Foundation will provide eligibility forms and will act as an intermediary in obtaining the license plates.

Afterward, alumni will obtain their license through the mail in approximately six weeks.

With the purchase helping to increase the visibility of the university, and drawing Western constituents together, the plates are being seen as an advantageous way of spreading school pride.

Western alum Stephanie Wright agrees, “I think it’s a great idea,” Wright said. “It helps boost the community.”

With the requests for the Missouri Western license plates beginning, the Foundation is now offering informational brochures on the program.

However, there has been some student dissension to the idea.

“I cannot justify the additional expenditure,” Senior Christopher Shove said. “I am too humble a person to buy vanity plates anyway.”

While this difference of opinion might exclude a few students from the prospective vanity licenses, Wright remains equable.

“It’s a terrific way to show school spirit,” Wright said.

The Western license plates are set to make their debut, and will show that graduates can be kings of the road as well as the classroom.

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