There’s a right way and a wrong way

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Back in seafaring days it was bad luck if rats abandoned a ship when it was docked at port. The superstition went that they knew something was wrong and the ship was doomed.

Well the S.S. Missouri Western saw some rats go over the side this summer.

Jumping Ship

The roster of departures reads: Stan Sweeney, director of student engagement;   Mark Linder, athletic director; Jeff Wilson, director of student employment; Paul Shang, dean of student development; Tim Crowley, counselor and Brett King, director of sports information. 

There’s a right way and a wrong way

One departure we knew about before the end of the last semester when Dr. James Scanlon announced in May that he would be departing  June 30, 2008.

That was classy.

Giving us a year’s notice, made sure we had the chance to find the best candidate possible and make whatever preparations are required for such a change. 
There was none of this two weeks’ notice before the start of football season, or worse still, sneaking out in the middle of summer.

At least we aren’t Missouri Southern State. Their president Dr. Julio S. Leon resigned Aug. 17 after 15 years—effective immediately.


The other issue here is whether or not it was the employee leaving that was the non-class act or whether it was the administration.

If the powers that be had, oh, we don’t know, sent out a mass e-mail to advise returning students that several familiar faces were gone then we’d have been prepared. This seems like it would’ve been useful in the case of the dean of Student Development.

Not telling us several familiar faces were leaving wasn’t the best way to do things.

No matter where the fault lies, however, the fact remains that it could’ve been managed better.

So the question is, how do we view this?

Are the rats abandoning ship and we should all prepare to drown?

Or is the way being cleared for new blood and a new future?

We’ve considered both and even though we seem to be hearing about more problems university-wise than we had in the past—we’ll take the rosier of those two futures thanks.

We wish nothing but the best to those who’ve opted to leave the Griffon family. We’re sure they will succeed wherever they go—like we’re sure we will succeed.

We have our new university status.

We have new funding promised from the state and now we have plenty of open offices available for new talent.

As to the future, bring it on!

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