Kansas City v. St. Louis: Who really cares?!!!


I am told that this past week’s fight was about Kansas City versus St. Louis.
What is that about?

Face it, for people from Paris, London, New York City, Los Angeles and maybe even Las Vegas, the whole state of Missouri is lumped under “Flyover country.”  Neither city is the center of news, fashion, media or food.  The rest of the world is not focused breathlessly on either place. 

Now I love it here, but I have been to a multitude of other places.  I lived in Europe for four years and all over the states. If your pride is all caught up in your hometown, you need a life. A city is a silly thing to hang your pride on.
When I was in the military I was sent for training to Denver for several months.

My suitemates were two young black men. They and their friends would get together on Saturday nights before they went out and would talk trash loudly to each other.
One of their most persistent arguments was about who among them had given back more to their community. I was astounded by the insight that this was so important to them and they became my standard for Real Men.

Instead of fighting among yourselves, how about giving back to the community and bragging on that?  You could tutor little kids, be a Big Brother or be an example in some way.  You have found a way to get to college; help others find their way. Hang your pride on what you have accomplished or done for your community, whether you chose the Missouri Western community, the St Joseph community or the black community. The Greek community seems to get that giving back matters and they have done some amazing things.

I can also promise you that the water in neither city has led to a growth or expansion of male body parts and being from one city or the other has obviously not made the rivals smarter or more charming.

If this was a ‘mine is bigger than yours’ kind of thing, turn off the spam filters. You’ll get lots of emails that will offer you help with that. In the meantime, we are all Griffons and will eventually go out into the world as educated people. There are enough idiots with ignorant prejudices that will want to fight with us and treat us unjustly without making up an artificial divide. Verily, said idiots love to see us divided among ourselves.

And yes, this old lady was implying that the fighters are hotheads.

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