Justice Program awarded funding grant

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The Office of Justice program and the Bureau of Justice Assistance have recently awarded a grant to fund the enhancement and training of law enforcement to Missouri Western State University and the Missouri Regional Community Policing Institute in the amount of $714,010. 

The Missouri-Regional Community Policing Institute or MO-RCPI, was established in 1997.

It is one of 27 RCPI’s around the country that have been founded through the United States Department of Justice.

Bryan Courtney, Missouri Western’s RCPI Program Director, plays a main part in getting grants and funds to further the training of our policing institute.

“We have ten years of experience in developing our own curriculum and training,” Courtney said.

Missouri Western’s RCPI will be the main one in charge of delivering and coordinating training to RCPI’s in other states.

There will be training sessions in areas such as gangs, counter terrorism and various other topics.

“We’re putting together training programs that are necessary for state and local law enforcement,” Courtney said.
The Bureau of Justice Assistance had no way to distribute training and development of law enforcement until the RCPI’s were created.

Basically, the 27 RCPI’s are responsible for taking the training mechanisms that the Bureau has and putting them into action in the various areas of the country.

The grant received by Western and MO-RCPI is part of the Edward Byrne Memorial Discretionary Grants Program.

“I made a proposal to BJA through the Byrne Memorial Discretionary Grants Program and the guideline was that it had to further the department mission by assisting state and local jurisdictions in improving the criminal justice system,” Courtney said.

“With our RCPI experience, we developed an expertise in many of the things the BJA was already doing,” said Courtney.

The grant will help Missouri Western as well as the MO-RCPI and our sister RCPI’s in training and developing law enforcement in many areas and communities.
“It’s cool we got the money, but the reason we do this is to help communities right down to the individual level,” Courtney said. “It’s gonna help police officers and police agencies better serve their community.”

Along with this grant Missouri Western may also be getting other ones in the future.

“We still have two other proposals out to BJA and may be getting more money soon,” said Courtney.

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