Future is right now for Western football

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In saturday’s game against Pitt State, I watched a young, talented Griffons team show a great deal of poise in a tough situation, in an even tougher environment.

This team showed they’re not waiting a few years to be good; they’re a playoff team now.

I watched redshirt freshman Thomas Hodges bull doze his way down the field for long run after long run. He ended up having 155 yards on the game, but that number could have easily been over 200 if a couple of his runs hadn’t been called back because of penalties.

Hodges dislocated his shoulder in the third quarter on a run play along the sideline, came out popped it back into place and kept playing. If that doesn’t show a bit of toughness, I don’t know what does.

La’Darrian Page limped off the play before Hodges got hurt, came limping back into the game as Hodges held his arm in pain, then ran for a long touchdown.

Page use smooth moves, quickness and speed to elude Pitt defenders all game long. Page had two long carries in a row for touchdowns in the third quarter where he slipped out of tackles, made people miss then used his speed to get to the endzone.

Keep in mind these players are freshman and will be around for three more years.

Quarterback Drew Newhart maybe didn’t have the greatest game, but he made a perfect throw to sophomore wide receiver Cedric Houston to win the game. He came up with the big play when the Griffons needed it the most.

Houston, as mentioned before, is a sophomore. Every time he touched the ball against Pitt, he did something spectacular with it. He was reversing fields, making people miss and doing whatever he needed to do for the team to win.

Pherrell Mcgee, a redshirt sophomore reciever, looked good as well on returns. He took the opening kickoff of the game 51 yards into Pitt State territory. That return led to a touchdown for the Griffons on the opening drive.

The most promising thing I saw about him was on a ball he didn’t catch though. He ran a post on a third down play, knew he was about to get hit  hard and went all out for it. Like I said before, he didn’t catch it, but the willingness to take the hit in order to catch the ball was apparent to anyone who was watching.

On defense, Brad Davidson, a redshirt sophomore, was all over the field. He made crucial tackles and sacks the entire game and showed leadership on the defensive line.
Redshirt freshman cornerback Kendall Davis ended the game with an interception in the endzone. He now has three interceptions on the season and is one of the leaders in the MIAA for interceptions so far this season.

If the Griffons look this good now, it won’t be too long before they are competing for championships. In fact, they are ready to compete now.

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