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Rock music blared throughout Missouri Western’s campus on Saturday, Aug. 25, for the 2nd annual Rock Off!

The Off Hours section of the St. Joseph News Press sponsored this free outdoors concert, which was open to the public and included ten local and regional bands.

“In St. Joseph there are some great local bands,” Blake Hannon, Off Hours reporter and one of the planners for the event said. “It is definitely a scene worth checking out.”

The ten bands hit both a Main Stage and Acoustic Stage, set up around Western’s clock tower.

The main stage bands included The Thirty, Pompous Pilot, The Waystation, Full Power, The Appleseed Cast, Roman Numerals and Flee The Seen.

“We came out here to rock faces off…” lead singer of the Thirty and Western student, David Jolly said. “We are ready to encounter a vast variety of amazing sound and establish a forefront for our music.”

Three acoustic performers also played between the sets of the main stage.

Jon Roberts, For the Sound, and Marcus Words and Colby Walter from the Leading Average each performed two different sets to entertain the crowd during the down time.

“Rock needs to be represented in St. Joseph, and it was free,” Hannon said. “I can’t stress how important the talent is in this town.”

Despite the heat, many dedicated fans and rock enthusiasts, headed out to the clock tower and spent the day listening to the wide variety of musical talent.

“I come to all local shows,” fan, Dani Render said. “The bands are pretty cool.”

“Free things that keep me busy are good,” fan, Kelsey Gunthery said.
Each band that performed can regularly be seen around town at different

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