Western’s own soldier gears up for another mission

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Summer is around the corner and that means no classes, no stress and a pure vacation for some, but Missouri Western’s librarian Darrin Daugherty will be gearing up with the 35th Infantry Division Headquarters to fulfill his duty as a member of the Army National Guard.

Daugherty and his unit are scheduled to leave during the summer to go to Kosovo; this will be his second major deployment.

Missouri Western’s librarian Michelle Diaz said that Daugherty’s absence would definitely be noticed.

“He is one of the main public service librarians here,” Diaz said. “He is a great person to collaborate with when there are computer-related issues that need to be worked on.”


Daugherty is no stranger to having to be away from his family and country. He was deployed in early 2004 to assist in Operation Iraqi Freedom for 13 months. His unit was in charge of perimeter defense. He said he was proud to serve in such a historical point of time.

And others are proud of Daugherty’s service, too.

“I feel proud that someone local is going out there to fight for us,” Western student David Wyble said. “It just makes things more real when someone close to home is leaving.”

During his time in the Army National Guard, Daugherty has been called on many occasions besides fighting in the war. He helped out in one flood in Minnesota as a member of the Minnesota Army National Guard. He was also called upon again when the events of Hurricane Katrina happened. He and 15,000 other soldiers were able to help coordinate and give support to the needs of the locals.

Daugherty was a sophomore in college when a recruiter and a friend came by his house to talk about joining. When he decided to join, Daugherty probably didn’t realize the ripple effect of that one decision.

“Being able to travel has been one my most unique experiences,” Daugherty said.

He’s been to Norway, Singapore, Thailand, Kuwait, Iraq and Qatar. In July of 2005 was when he was able to go Singapore, which he said he enjoyed.

“They have a good economy there,” Daugherty said. “And it was nice being around that culture, even though people were speaking different languages there, English was still the most prevalent one.”

He also enjoyed Thailand because he was able to train with the same army personnel that also staged a military coup in that country.

Daugherty isn’t the only one in his family that’s been able to serve his country. His dad joined the Air Force and stayed for 20 years.

While Daugherty was away in Iraq he also received letters from his uncle, who is a veteran of the Vietnam War.

In 1991 Daugherty was doing ROTC at the University of Kansas, where he has been able to take the leadership skills he has learned and apply it to his everyday life.

“I’ve been able to help supervise student workers more effectively,” he said.

Student librarian Charly Wells agrees that Daugherty’s skills have helped him supervise.

“He works really great with the student workers,” Wells said. “He always takes the extra mile to help out and answer questions for students. He is like the go-to guy.”

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