No more fouls

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The other night I watched an NBA playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks. It was a joke. Two players for the Warriors got kicked out of the game and some referee decided to blow his whistle, call a foul and draw attention to himself on just about every possession. It was infuriating.

This is the thing that I hate most about the NBA. I can’t watch a good game without it ending in free throws and a flurry of pointless foul calls. The best free throw shooting team wins all the time.

No one wants to see free throws at the end of a close game. The referees have to start putting their whistles away and letting the players play. That is what they are paid to do. Let the players decide the outcomes of the games.

Every time I see an NBA game whistles blow on about every other trip down the court. It disrupts the flow of the game and is terribly boring to watch. The only time a player should be able to shoot free throws is if the person was fouled hard enough to change the shot.

I’m a Kings fan, and the last time I went to go watch a game, they played the Denver Nuggets. Carmello Anthony and Allen Iverson got every call possible, half of which didn’t need to be called fouls, but because of who they are, they received the benefit of the doubt. When you can’t see a foul on the 200 inch big screen above the floor, there is something wrong with the

I go to tons of high school basketball games and D-2 college basketball games. Do they make a mockery of basketball as a sport by calling ticky tack fouls the entire game? No way! They play the game the way it was meant to be played. They play hard and aren’t looking for the next opportunity to step to the free throw line and take a rest.

I want to see players run up and down the court trying to beat the opponent with skill and heart rather than taking a couple easy shots at the foul line that can change a loss into a win. Force the players to decide the outcome of games. Make them earn the right to win games, do not allow them to win games by shooting free throws at the end.

The game needs to be more physical. These guys workout all year for their sport and are in shape to handle a little more contact. I see soccer on television and I can only watch for a short period of time because some ass always flops onto the ground and starts faking an injury until the referee calls a foul or a penalty or whatever they call it in soccer. The ass that hit the ground always pops up afterwards with a grin on his face and keeps playing. Are we turning basketball into that type of game?

Basketball players workout as much as football players, but football doesn’t give fouls for touching softly. If you touch someone softly in football you’re considered a wuss and some one that doesn’t belong in the sport.

I also blame the premodanna players. They whine and complain about every little touch of their arm, wrist or hand that goes on during a game. They yell at officials up and down the court after they lost the ball that could have easily been held on to. It’s always the other guy’s fault that something went bad. Just suck it up and stop pressuring officials to make bad calls that make your game worse.

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