Robinson will get his chance in NFL

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Every child when they are growing up dreams of playing in the NFL. Hearing your name called on ESPN on draft day, Gijon Robinson could make that dream a reality on April 28-29.

Gijon RobinsonRobinson could become the third player from Missouri Western to get drafted in the NFL draft. The other two being, John Fisher a defensive back who was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the sixth round in 1996 and Vince Thomson a defensive end who was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the seventh round in 1985.

There have been many Division II athletes that have had successful careers in the NFL. Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Andre Reed, and Harry Carson to name a few that have been successful.

Even if Robinson goes undrafted, which I don’t think he will, he still could easily make a team. Antonio Gates went undrafted and I’d say he is doing pretty well for his self.

Being undrafted though is undoubtedly disappointing, but it gives a player freedom to sign were they would like to sign.

The reason I believe Robinson will get drafted is because of the combine he had. Robinson ran a 4.71 40 yard dash which was the second fastest 40 time for the tight ends. He was right behind Greg Olsen of the University of Miami.

Also weighing in at 255 pounds made him one of the bigger tight ends there. This is a good thing because blocking is one of Robinson’s best attributes.

I am not saying Robinson is the next Gates or anything like that, but I believe he is good enough to get drafted. Robinson getting drafted would not only be good for him, but would shed a positive light on the football program. I am sure recruiting would be helped if Robinson was drafted.

There is no doubt that NFL draft weekend is special for all involved. I hope it’s special for Robinson and we get to see his name scroll on the bottom of ESPN.

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