Chiefs leave Western waiting for another year

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Many people move places to get closer to home. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it seems that is not the case. The Chiefs have been talking about having training camp at Missouri Western for the last five years. They are worried about the size of Missouri Western’s building.

Athletic director Mark Linder believes that is getting in the way.

“They have concerns with the space of the locker room and the space available in the fitness room,” Linder said.

The process of getting the Chiefs to Missouri Western has been long. The university has jumped through hoops to try to get the Chiefs to come here. The act of getting the Chiefs here is beginning to wear on Missouri Western.

“It has been a long process,” Linder said.

The door will always be open for the Chiefs to have training camp here at Missouri Western. A main reason for this is the economic impact the Chiefs would have if they came here.

“The economic impact would be around $5 million per year for the city of St. Joseph,” Linder said.

Not only would the economic impact be huge, but the exposure that Missouri Western would get could be really big for the university. Missouri Western could be recognized on ESPN and other local channels. Economics professor Patrick McMurry believes the exposure would benefit the university.

“The recognition on television would help the status of Missouri Western,” McMurry said.

There would be many visitors that would spend their money at businesses in the city.

Many students at Missouri Western are Chiefs fans and would love to have their favorite team have training camp at their school. Junior Kyle Stone is a diehard Chiefs fan and thinks it would be great idea.

“It would be pretty cool, especially since my boy, Bernard Pollard, would be up here,” Stone said.

As of right now, the talks have stalled with the Chiefs, even though Missouri Western has gone out of its way to satisfy them. Though it seems unlikely, the possibility is still out there that the Chiefs will make Missouri Western their training camp home.

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