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Wrestler will be part of study abroad, but plans to step in the ring as well

Krow Keesaman climbed up to the top turnbuckle with a quickness as his much larger opponent, the Fat Cowboy closed in on his position. Before Krow could spring into a flip kick, one of the Fat Cowboy’s crew grabbed a hold of Krow’s ankle throwing off his spin and causing him to crash right into the larger mans arms. After hoisting Krow up over his head, the Fat Cowboy then came crashing down on top of Krow like a hydraulic pile driver. Pinned by the Cowboys immense girth, Krow could hear the ref starting to slap the mat as he yells out “One…”


Kraig Keesaman enjoys a passion that most of his peers can only watch alongside an arena or on TV. Kraig is a professional wrestler. He travels around the country and has matches in the smaller venue that what most people watch on TV but he wrestles all the same. He has even had the privilege of having a distinguished coach. “I have trained under Sonny Meyers and he has been wrestling in this area since like the 1900’s,” Kraig jests while still admiring the timelessness of his mentor “No I don’t mean that, since his thirties or forties, shoot, he has been 82 since I have known him and that has been seven years ago.”

Kraig Keesaman may truly be one of the most unique men in all of Saint Joseph and he soon will be an international pro wrestler. “I have something set up with the New Holland Wrestling federation.” Kraig said “I am going there with the study abroad program and I made some calls myself, I will be wrestling for Belgian Wrestling Federation on May 19 in Boom, Antwerp. I will probably be on a few other shows as well; New Holland Wrestling is also going to contact me once they book their show. So while I am up there I will at least have one match, maybe more.”

KeesamanGiven the immense task of wrestling in such a foreign environment, against the Viking descendant giant opponents that invoke images of Drogo from “Rocky IV”, Kraig shows no signs of fear or apprehension. “I’m excited about the experience, not only will I get to enjoy visiting another country, but I get to do the thing I love doing most while I am there.” Kraig said. “Everyone I have talked to over there are really nice, they are equally excited about having an American wrestler on their card. As a bonus it is Belgium Wrestling Federation’s 3rd anniversary show on the 19th, so I’m a bit honored that they would have me on the show.”

The ref slaps the mat a second time as Krow can feel that last bit of strength and willpower ball up in his abdomen, it is now the time for all or nothing as the ref cries out “…Two!…”

Besides wrestling Kraig is also an avid fisherman, home brewer and hunter. But clearly the number one passion for this 24 year old Missouri Western senior is being in the ring. “My favorite kind of match to wrestle is usually with a bigger guy.” Kraig said. “It sets up a great underdog story that really gets the crowd into the match. I like flashy finishes and such, but my favorites are quick roll-ups that make both men look strong in the ring, even though one just lost.”

He has been in locally made movies, like the Louis and Clark Trail of Blood, and wrestled in this region for eight years “I used to be one of the smallest wrestlers in the area.” Kraig said. “I started out at a buck sixty five and now I am up to 205 so I am not so small anymore.

Before the Ref could slap the mat a third time Krow frees enough of his arm to give him the power to wriggle free and roll the fat man up into a ball reversing the positions of who was pinning who as he presses down hard into his opponent as the crowd goes wild and the ref slaps the mat three times and it is over baby, it is over.

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