Western gets No. 1 seed in NCAA Region

Women's Basketball

Griffons to host tournament March 9-12

After their one point loss against Washburn in the championship game of the MIAA tournament, the Griffons came home to find out they were the No. 1 seed in the South Central region.

Because they got the No. 1 seed, the Griffons get to play at home for the NCAA tournament. This means teams that play Western will have to deal with the crowd along with playing the top seeded team in the region.

“The team worked hard for an opportunity to play at home,” said Josh Keister coach of the Griffon lady’s basketball team. “Its one and done now so we’ll have to be on top of our game.”

Keister is planning on giving the team a few days off to rest before they step back on the court again.

“Three games in three nights is tough,” Keister said. “The last game against Washburn would make anyone tired. They played hard and I’m proud of them.”

The first game Missouri Western will play is on Friday night against University of Montana-Billings.

Watch ShowMissouri Western put on a “Watch Show” for the basketball team to see if their great season was enough to get the No. 1 seed. The Griffons lost their last game of the season against Missouri Southern to stir conversation about whether they would fall to No. 2 in the regional rankings. If the Griffons would have fallen to No. 2 in the regional poll the team would have had to travel to West Texas A&M.

West Texas lost their conference championship game so the Griffons held on to the No. 1 seed. Students, faculty and press all came to see if Missouri Western would get the No. 1 seed and host the tournament.

The school served food and had drinks ready for everyone that came to watch. Missouri Western held the “Watch Show” in Kemper Recital Hall with plaenty of room for everyone. The selection show for the tournament was on CSTV.com.

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