We students just don’t seem to care about anything


There are those who say that Missouri Western is the half-assed attempt at a university.

At times it seems as if some fog of ineptitude has settled along the Missouri river like some lurking force of evil creeping out of a ‘70s horror movie. St. Joseph stands out as a civic statement that says “if there is a corner to be cut, let’s round it out.” As evidenced by the intersection at Northwest Parkway and Lovers Lane and Gene Field road.

American college standings are dropping across the board.

Young students are less literate or scientific minded than ever.

Less than 100 people will probably read these words. All of these things are connected.

That connection is you.

Any campus event held, there is always some kind of reason that more people didn’t come. Money gets wasted on things like low student attendance. The student government is begging for more members. They are responsible for doling out how student money gets spent, and the student body doesn’t seem to care. The Students for Multicultural Studies Program puts on a crapload of events, and so many people remain unaware.

Western has had to instate a stricter mandatory attendance policy for freshmen. All of this has happened, and no one seems to care.

This is the Age of Aquarius, people. If we don’t wake up and start getting off our collective posteriors and be the best we can be and take advantage of all the academic bounty that there is to be offered, we too, will see the fall of an empire of pop culture and power lunches.

From the roots in the earth, the ethics and values that shape this county grow.

We vote for the corrupt political leaders that ignore the common man’s interest in favor of privileged lobbyists. We give our money and power to greedy merchant empires that snicker and seek to enslave us with addiction to the newest product and the race to keep up with the Joneses.

The seven deadly sins — lust, greed, sloth, gluttony, envy, wrath and pride — seem infused into the fabric of everyday life.

It all goes back to modern man’s preoccupation with the pursuit of personal comfort. Who knows if there is some great doom fomenting in our atmosphere? But you can make a sure bet that if there were, we the people, would not vote to sacrifice the gifts and goods we fought through an industrial revolution to achieve.

It all goes back to being half assed. We have to stop doing things that are easy and throw a little effort into the process of strengthening the American student character through hardships and hardball.

Otherwise, how are we preparing the youth for the real world that awaits us all on this hell-bent suicide course that we are steering this nuclear-powered space ship Earth toward?

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