Gospel Extravaganza lifts voices, spirits


The Ebony Collegians presented the 20th Annual Gospel Extravaganza 2007 on Feb. 25 in Spratt 101. The origin of this event extends back to 1987, connecting both the college and believers of faith to a prosperous and humble atmosphere.

Gospel ExtravaganzaThe minority organization TEC helped bring men and women together to express their new-found faith and love for the Lord. The desire in their hearts was to put together a celebration that created an environment of praising which lifted spirits high in song. TEC geared towards students and community brought together scripture readings, poets, vocalists, praise dancers, ministry and a church choir to express their strong love for the Lord.

“I think the event was a success,” TEC President Mallory Paines said. “It could have been better, but I took on the project with not much extra help. I used the sources available to me.”

The members of TEC realized that this event not only glorified the Lord but was brought together to save lost souls and to give praise unto the Lord. This event also represented and celebrated the strength and values toward African American culture. It gave students and the community that attended the event a sense of hope and provision.

TEC member, sophomore Armande Willis said that this event was very effective because it lifted his spirit.

“This event lifted my spirit; I’m just really thankful for getting this far in life, and the Lord providing me with everything I need,” Willis said. “Some people may take the small things in life for granted, and it could be a big deal to others so that’s why it’s important to seek God and build a relationship with him.”

The program started with a warm welcome from Paines, who was very pleased with the amount of people that showed up.

Following right behind Paines was a scripture reading from sophomore Precious Jones and senior Mignon Wilkins who was also the host performed the black national anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing.”

Wilkins mentioned that she thought the event went really well.

“My goal was to praise God and that’s what I did.” Wilkins said.

Wilkins had tears to prove it; she was touched by the Holy Spirit. This event was very powerful and tears spreaded throughout the entire event. It touched hearts in a mighty way.

Yanique Javois, junior said that the event was inspiring.

“Its been a while since I attended church and established a relationship with God, so it was very moving and inspirational to be there and since I did go to church prior to the event; it just added to the experience.” Javois said.

Going into the master ceremony was a host of praised dancers along with solo vocalist and “Unlimited Praize” choir, which all performances seemed to have had woo owed the crowd and keep them excited about the program.

Olin Kinsey, junior said that this event served a purpose.

“It was uplifting. The purpose is all that matters; the purpose of the event was outreaching- very convenient and a quick service in the evening even though it was not church; it served its purpose,” Kinsey said.

Even though many students felt strongly about the event they were wondering why not have the event more often than once a year.

TEC vice president Tiquila Parnell, said that there are numerous of reasons why the have it once a year.

“The reason for doing it once a year is that it’s our tradition to have the Gospel Extravaganza as our start to TEC week,” Parnell said “Also with everyone’s busy schedule plays a role of why it is hard to plan, not enough people so time is limited. It is sometimes hard to get churches participation because they often travel to other churches to visit and their pastor may be speaking some where so their time is limited.”

“If that is something people would like to see more often in TEC, they can certainly come to a meeting and tell us and we could see what we can do or maybe they could just come and help.” Parnell said.

TEC meetings are every Thursday in the Blum Union- 2nd floor-Junior College Room at 5p.m.

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