Women win in OT 99-97

Women's Basketball

The Missouri Western Griffons found themselves in a position that has only faced them a couple of times all season. They were down late in game with the realest chance of a loss to an inferior opponent in which they had complete control of 10 minutes earlier. Though they pulled out an overtime win 99-98.

The Griffons were ahead by 16 points 5 minutes into the second half of the game. Then, everything started to go wrong.

All at once, the Griffons stopped making shots and playing defense. In the second half alone, Central Missouri shot 66.6 percent from the field. They couldn’t miss.


Nothing the Griffons did, worked against the game long assault on the basket Central put on Missouri Western.

Central shot almost 60 percent for the game even when they were down by 16, they kept making shots against the bad defensive effort the Griffons borough to the court on Saturday.

The 2-3 defense that Central Missouri went into late in the game slowed the Griffons to a stand still on offense.

The Griffons became instantly flustered when Central decided to play it. Tiffany Davis, the almost always effective point guard for the Griffons, was all of the sudden timid. She didn’t know what to do when the Central defenders left her alone at the top of the key.

Because Central Missouri was puzzling Western’s point guard, it allowed them to double the inside players Inga Buzoka and Jill Johnson and get in the face of shooters Ashleigh Curry, Tera Petersen and Yanique Javois.

In overtime the Griffons pulled it together and snuck away with a win that could have easily been a loss. They couldn’t put away they’re opponent when they had a chance early in the second half.

This game was different from the last two games the Griffons played because Central fought back. The Griffons didn’t match the intensity of the other team on Saturday, but there is always going to be another game.

If the Griffons win out in the regular season and have a good showing in the MIAA tournament, they will host the regional playoff for the NCAA tournament. They are the
No.1 seed in their region and as long as they don’t have a catastrophic breakdown they will get it. The next home game is against Northwest on Wednesday.

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