Men miss the MIAA tournament for the first time since entering MIAA

Men's Basketball

The men finished an under achieving season with a loss to Missouri Southern 82-70.

The men needed to win the game to go to the MIAA tournament, but in a season where nothing seemed to go right for the Griffons the predictable happened, they lost.

This the first time that the Griffons will not go to the MIAA post season tournament.

The basketball team has made the tournament all 17 years the school has been in the MIAA up to this point.

BasketballIn the last game of the season, Western missed 18 of their 22 3-point attempts, which describes what the team has been about all season.

The Griffons will finish a disappointing season 12-13.

Tom Smith now needs to hit the recruiting trail hard and find some faster, more athletic and tougher players to fill next year’s roster.

The victory by Missouri Southern ended a miserable season for the Griffons in which fans would come to watch the women’s team play, then leave before the guy’s game started.

One fan told me that everyone used to come for the guy’s games, and no one really cared as much about the women’s team until this year. Fans do need to stay and support their school, but the women’s team did out shine the guy’s for the whole season.

The Western women came out, played hard and won games. They didn’t lose at home when the fans came to watch. The guys didn’t do this. The biggest thing is they didn’t do was win.

Everyone wants to see a winner, if that doesn’t happen people aren’t going to come to the games or stay to watch your team play. They want to be excited about the team they are cheering for.

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