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Instead of sitting at home like some Missouri Western students will be doing this spring break, a select few will have the opportunity to tour London.

For some students, like Felicia Kenzy, this is an opportunity that they just can’t wait for.

“I’ve always wanted to go out of the country, and go to London,” Kenzy said.

LondonThe students will arrive on Friday night. Karen Fulton, the study away director and professor for this class trip said the arrival time was a good idea. Arriving late at night is good because the students can sleep as soon as they get in, instead of trying to sightsee as soon as they get there and be tired from the flight.

They will be staying six nights at the four-star Kensington Thistle Hotel, just across from Kensington Palace, the place of Princess Diana’s home. While they are there, they will attend the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, when the class will get to choose which plays to go to, the Charles Dickens house and the British Museum.

However, students won’t be restricted to a rigid schedule. Fulton said that students will have the opportunity to pursue their own interests. Some places that were mentioned were Stonehenge and Paris.

“I’m looking forward to taking this as some of my first steps into becoming a global citizen,” Western student Christopher Shove said. “I want the chance to go and see where some of my favorite authors lived, like Chaucer and to see where William Shakespeare did his plays.”

London is a huge cosmopolitan city, but it’s not like anything in the U.S., for example, New York. America is seen as a melting pot, and within huge cities, you see people of different
ethnic backgrounds trying to be American.

“But it’s different in London,” Fulton said. “People are unwilling to let go of who they are. The people are vibrant and alive. It is my favorite place in the world.”

The class is ENG 361-93, Literature on Site. The travel cost is around $1,200, and that includes plane fare, bus transportation from the airport to and from the hotel and six nights at a hotel.

While getting ready for the trip the students have read books that describe how London looks, like Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. One of the main objectives outlined in this course is to identify the major effects of the “London experience” on writers on both sides of the Atlantic.

While a class that meets every Monday and gets to go to London might seem like the dream class for some, there is work involved. There are at least three papers involved with the class, keeping journal entries of your trip and some reading involved by different authors.

If this is something that you might be interested in, the class will be offered over the summer again.

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