Global warming is just another passing paranoia


On Tuesday I delivered the paper by foot. I hauled the bundles with the newsroom’s dolly across the campus, coatless.

Last Tuesday I used my car because it was 10 degrees above nothing, and so much snow had fallen the previous night that the St. Joseph Public School system had cancelled class for all the niños.

But one week later, I see guys running around campus with shorts on.

I love Global warming.

Or should I say, I love warm February days in Missouri.

I so much prefer sporting the shorts.

It was nice to have such a warm February day after the nut freezer we had previously.

Jedi wisdom tells us that your focus determines your reality.

Perhaps the secret to dealing with the entire hubbub centered about the atmosphere is in how you look at it. It is a topic that is still widely debated as to severity and the scientific truth of the matter, depending on what side of the political twister game you find yourself sitting on.

Right hand Red: There is no global climate change, and if there is, consumer-driven industry has nothing to do with it. Keep spending money.

Left hand Blue: Global climate change is real, and it may already be too late to change anything. Keep spending money.

Both hands pink: let homosexuals marry.

Both feet green: what about Bambi?

Sounds like a bunch of nonsense right?

Perhaps that is because mankind cannot seem to come to terms with what exactly is happening.

Our leaders are at a loss when it comes to developing a plan to deal with something that may or may not be real.

In his 2001 article, “Storm Clouds over Climate Talks,” BBCs online correspondent Alex Kirby reported on the chaos of world leaders trying to create a plan in Hague.

“Called to finalize the rules for measuring and cutting emissions of the greenhouse gases, which many scientists now believe are causing the atmosphere to warm, the talks in The Hague fell apart acrimoniously,” Kirby said.

My own faculty advisor and I could not come to an agreement on the topic of this opinions article and if it should be about the world getting hotter or colder.

The Union for Concerned Scientists, citizens and scientists for environmental solutions, wanted to know why their peers were not coming up with answers.

This was their conclusion: “Based on a survey of hundreds of federal climate scientists, the new report Atmosphere of Pressure by UCS and the Government Accountability Project finds wide-ranging political interference in research related to global warming.”

A key word that should be mentioned here is the difference between Global Warming, a term that is now being accepted by most respectable scientific minds as just a step in the big crazy weather game we have going on, and the more accurate term Global Climate Change.

Global Climate Change is a term which started as political obfuscation to distract from the specter of Global Warming.

In the 34 years I have been walking around this planet I have seen numerous weather phenomena.

I waited to hear the news that school would be cancelled as I watched a typhoon gather in the sky over Okinawa.

I watched ten-foot snow drifts form outside the window of my home in Germany.

I stood dumbfounded in Texas as a tornado twisted its way across the horizon outside of my tent.

I laughed as a thirty-foot dust devil smashed into me in the Arizona desert.

I can tell you that there is something going on here at Biosphere 1.

It is called the weather.

Repeat after me everyone: Weather changes.

In the words of Mark Twain “If you don’t like the weather in Missouri just wait 5 minutes.”

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