Answer the cry for help


Students at Missouri Western have passed the time here in a lackadaisical transient to the real world and are becoming similar to the American public.


The similarity is that we the students are not as involved with the major decision making around campus that students are affected by.

For instance, the SGA has roughly $500,000 of the student’s money at its disposal. It would behoove the students to be as active as possible in the decision-making process that affects them. SGA has put out a call for more student senators to participate in the governing process.

This is an obvious cry for help. The student government needs help and the opinions of those who are under it.

Poor attendance, and lack of people willing to participate to get the job done, has crippled our governing body.

How can ideas become reality when no one is investing in the idea?

Our student government could be so much better and stronger if the students would participate in it and help with the many committees that are designed to take care of the student body.

The student government needs a diversity of people with different opinions and ideas.

Otherwise, there is a tiny group of people making decisions for the approximately 5,000 students that attend Western and give money to the SGA. Is this fair that someone who doesn’t represent your ideas make decisions in regard to how the students are governed and what is done with the half million that is budgeted each semester?

It is far past time for Missouri Western students to step it up in a big way. When the student government is calling out for help, it is imperative that the least we do is go to the meetings and ask, “What can I do?” Just being a warm body sitting at a table does no good. Active participation is key and desperately needed for an effective government that is represented by the students.

Also, students complain about the lack of events around campus that they want to go to; however, they refuse to join the one organization that provides the majority of campus events. CAB should have the most people in it to help and organize the campus events.

Recall the days of yore (for a few of you), when Sylvester Brandon was SGA president and the campus changed. CAB hosted Hoobastank, and the students were pleased with the government and the events that were held for them.

This can happen again with help from a student body that cares about leaving a legacy and not just obtaining a degree or seeing how many parties they can attend.

In short, get involved Missouri Western.

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