Throw the ball to Berrian

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Peyton Manning is a choke artist and will choke in the Super Bowl.

He is trying to lose games for his team because that is all he knows. He has thrown six interceptions in three playoff games, so the defense that has played mediocre all season, has had to step up.

The Colts’ defense only gave up a total of 14-points in the first two playoff games then went to back to the old defense that could make anyone throw up with disgust.

The Colts have been less than dominant the whole playoffs and other than one game, the offense has looked miserable.

Against the Ravens, Manning only had a 39.6 quarterback rating and completed only 50 percent the whole game. Yes, I know the Ravens have the best defense in the league, but they are the most comparable team to the Bears that the Colts played in the playoffs.

The Bears played the best offense in the league last week which was the Saints, not the Colts. Chicago caused four fumbles, recovered three of them, got a safety and had one interception of quarterback Drew Brees that, in effect, ended any comeback hopes for New Orleans.

All Rex Grossman has to do in passing situations is throw the ball to Bernard Berrian. He doesn’t even have to look at anyone else. He is the most explosive player on the offense and always seems to be open. He needs to touch the ball about 10 times. Six catches, a couple reverses, and line him up in the back field a couple of times and give him the ball.

The question of who has the best running game is going to be a huge part of the game. Will Cedric Benson and Tomas Jones run better than Joseph Addai and Dominic Rhodes?

I think the Bears have a significant edge. Thomas Jones is averaging 94.5 yards and Benson is averaging another 52.5 yards a game during the playoffs.

These numbers could jump substantially against a Colts’ defense that gave up 173 yards a game in the regular season. That was good enough for worst in the NFL.

Last, but not least, Devin Hester has the ability to turn around any game. His return against the Cardinals changed the whole game. His team was dead in the water until that play. After the return, his team caught on fire. They just needed something to go right. Once Hester’s punt return happened, the flood gates opened and the Bears went on to win the game .

He reminds me of Desmond Howard who used to play for the Green Bay Packers when they went to their Super Bowls a few years back. He won the MVP of the Super Bowl because of the things he did as a return specialist.

The Bears have a lot of game breaking players too so don’t just right them off because Peyton Manning is the golden child and he is so great… just like Dan Marino.

Anyway, I believe the final score will be 27-17 Bears and the game will be controlled by the Bears defense. Just like at Tennessee, Peyton Manning will be put up against a Florida Gator (Rex Grossman) and lose, as he has his whole career.

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