No. 2 ranked women win 20th

Women's Basketball

Buzoka saves the game with last minute shots

The capacity crowd was so silent you could hear a pin drop as center, Inga Buzoka stepped up to the line for the two biggest free throws of the season.

Ashleigh CurryThe Griffons were only up by one point 57-56 with less than a minute left. These two free throws, if she made them would make it a three-point game. The Washburn Lady Blues would only have one chance to hit an improbable three-point shot and send the game into overtime.

Buzoka went through her free throw routine as she got ready to shoot one-of-two. She took a couple of dribbles, lined up the shot then let it go. The crowd bursted into boisterous joy when the ball went into the small hoop 10 feet high and 13.2 feet away from Buzoka.

Missouri Western was now up by two, which meant that any two-point shot that Washburn hit wouldn’t beat the Griffons. A three would though as Inga stepped back to the line. As she walked up to receive the ball from the referee the crowd quieted once again in anxious anticipation.

“I’ve never heard that place so quiet during those free throws,” Jill Johnson, a forward for the Griffons said.

Once again Buzoka went through her routine at the free throw line. As the ball went up the crowd starts to stand…Inga Buzoka

It goes in! The crowd goes wild! But there is one more possession for the Lady Blues. They run down the court, fire up a crazy shot, there is a scramble for the ball, a foul is called as a shot goes up… It rims out and there is no three point play.

The crowd takes a sigh of relief. If that shot goes in, the game is totally different and the game could have been tied with one free throw. She makes only the second free throw. All the Griffons have to do now is throw the ball in and they win. They meet no resistance, get the ball in bounds and win the biggest game of their season so far.

The crowd went wild as the girls pushed their record to 20-0 and 10-0 in the MIAA. They are ranked no. 2 in the nation. They have beaten Washburn twice this season, once when the Lady Blues were no. 1 in the nation and, coming into this game Washburn was no. 3.

“Washburn is a powerhouse in the MIAA,” Jill Johnson, a forward for the Griffons said. “Its nice to prove we belong in that category.”

If the Griffons get two more wins they will have the record for most consecutive wins in Missouri Western history with 22. The game will be at Emporia State but that is the game Max Experience bus is going to take fans to that game. if anyone would like to go cheer on the no. 2 team in the nation as the try to break a Missouri Western record reserve your seat this week.

The Emporia State v. Missouri Western girls game will be Saturday, Feb. 3rd.

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