It’s a new year!


As the holidays glide past us on a red sleigh now empty of gifts and the wonder of Christmas, we are all now left in the wake of the retail holiday.

There are no more holiday parties to get dressed up for, no more gifts to unwrap, no more holiday cheer.

The best thing we can look forward to opening is a bill.

During this time after the holidays people seem to move a little slower and smiles don’t come as easily.

The dreary, cold weather often takes that sliver of holiday that we were holding onto right out of our hands with a sharp gust of icy wind.

I encourage everyone to not despair during this time of empty pockets and frigid weather. Even though the next best holiday is Valentine’s Day (boo), the joy from the holiday times can be carried on through the whole year.

Most people have made a New Year’s resolution. Use this time to make good on that resolution.

Improving yourself or your situation will instantly make you feel better. What is better?

Getting an iPod or losing those 10 pounds you gained between Thanksgiving and now?

This is a time of year to look forward to changes.

It is finally winter. We recently had our first real snow in St. Joseph. Democrats have taken power in both houses of Congress.

Most students are getting a raise this semester because of the passing of the minimum wage increase.

During the holidays, people tend to lose focus on what is important in life.

Getting the red blender for a mother-in-law is not as important as peace of mind. Use this time to re-group and re-focus on school, relationships and life goals.

A new year means everyone gets a clean slate and a chance to do this year what didn’t get done last year.

This includes calling your mother, studying more, helping someone less fortunate and anything that generally improves your self-image.

In relation to relationships, rid yourself of toxic people.

Toxic people are those who do not contribute to your personal improvement or well-being.
If there is a boyfriend or girlfriend that isn’t doing anything but causing problems and drama, I believe Beyonce has a solution to your problem- play them to the left, leave them alone.

As far as friends go, they get the same treatment.

Everyone has that one friend who is all gloom and doom and the word is falling down around them.

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