I’m no Aristotle


As I finished registering for classes online last week, I found myself faced with a decision to make, a decision larger than which semester I should take my PED 101 class. As I examined the list of classes I have left to take before I could graduate, I realized how crunched my schedule will be if I want to graduate in a year.

I can stay on task for the next three semesters and get the heck out of here at the soonest opportunity, or I can choose to try some more different classes simply because I enjoy them, not because they’re necessary.

After much deliberation, I’ve determined for myself that, hey, I’ll only be in college once in all likelihood, and there is something to be said for learning for the fun of it.

It makes me sad that our culture is so violently driven to achieve. It’s like, if I’m not out winning awards or making money, I’m wasting my time. Well, you may think me to be an underachiever (and frankly I don’t care if you do), but I think life is all about the journey.

If my focus lies solely on a destination, then I’m missing everything along the way. What a waste of a beautiful life that would be. I watch people waste their lives with success all the time. They are so respected and on top of things, but there’s not enough money in the world that would convince me that their life is better than mine.

Well, actually, it may well be better, but what good is a fabulous life if one doesn’t appreciate it?

Well, I’m no Aristotle, but that’s what makes sense to me.

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