Get involved in campus activities


There has been a large decrease with involvement and lack of commitment in organizations all across the Missouri Western land.

I have participated in multiple organizations for seven semesters.

I have never seen a semester where there were such a large number of people lacking in multiple organizations.

For example, I am in the SGA, one of the best organizations to help students understand politics and how to deal with real world issues. Yet there is a lack of interest and commitment.

SGA is not the only organization; I see it happen in sororities and a few fraternities. I just don’t understand why people say that they are going to join an organization then be “too busy” to fulfill their commitment. I am a busy person, too, but I make sure that I keep my commitments that I have made with my organizations. I also understand that being really busy is part of college life; there has to be some kind of commitment there though.

An organization is like a relationship.

There needs to be communication and commitment, and then there will be bonds formed between people causing everlasting friendships.

Trust me, it is well worth the effort. I know that we have all heard the saying, “get involved,” but I would say get involved and stay committed.

There are a lot of great opportunities out there waiting for someone to use them, which in return can help benefit their future.

I challenge people to go to the Center for Student Engagement web site ( and click on find the student organization for you! There are over 50 organizations on this campus. I dare you to check them out.

Freshmen are the future of this university; they should be getting involved just as much, if not more than the upper classmen. I have heard so many excuses that I could probably write a book on how to make excuses for dummies or teach Excuses 101.

Some freshmen that I have met seem to be the large chunk that make these excuses.

They really don’t know what it is like to be extremely busy while being sleep deprived with an empty stomach because they are too poor to buy some food.

I’m not trying to bash freshmen; I just want to make sure there is student involvement after I am gone. Speaking about student involvement also includes school spirit.

I just want to ask you to check out the web site, get involved, be supportive, and have some MWSU spirit. Go Griffs!

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