Geeks are a kingless people


The Specials is a comedy movie about the fifth or sixth most popular super hero team in the world. Rob Lowe, the actor who was playing “the Weevil”, said that the Specials were not meant for everybody. They were meant for the “oddball, the rebel, the outcast, the geek.”

It seems at Missouri Western there would be ample need for the Specials.

Because nobody else seems to be there to give focus to the downtrodden dorkdom that walks our halls.

There is no “Nerds Anonymous” or friendly freak support group for those who might be possessed of such quirks as social ineptitude or an innate lack of attention for such trivial things as fashion. For them, the lost, there is no one.

Everyone loves a sports star; our schools across America are built on some periphery level around the athletic program.

Our Athletes have come a long way on the pay scale since the early days of olympic challenge, when two naked men ran, jumped, rolled, spun and threw enormous balls together.

Everyone loves a superstar. Every one loves a rock star, everyone loves a movie star. Look how much we pay for our entertainment. Of course we love them, which is what they are marketed for.

So we love them and even the fruits find a place on the family tree of social strata.

Our politicians, we love them too, we don’t say we do, but we do, otherwise they would have all been strung up by now instead of being handed the power of social progress. We love them, we vote for them.

Every educational institution in America will cater in some way to each one of those shooting stars in the sky we call life. But for the socially challenged minority, there is nothing. I  guess they are the falling stars.

At Missouri Western we have at least five sports teams, one student government, two or three plays a year, a couple of sorority and fraternities, but is there even one Role Playing league? One Gamers club?

How many people in this school even know what a d20 is anyway? It is a twenty sided die used in role playing games for a greater variability than a six-sider, by the way. There is no one at Western for the geeks. Well, now there is. I am here and I am here to help.

I cry the clarion call of camaraderie.

I declare myself King Dork and command my legions to rise and stand for your rights.

Cast off your doubts of social judgment, raise your self confidence and reach your true potentials.

Look at your fore runners, geeks who have shaped the world of today. Albert Einstein, who was known for being unable to match his socks, George Lucas, who spent his adolescence submerged in comic books. Steve Martin, Sigmund Freud, David Letterman, Dave Barry, all dorks and geeks and freaks. Want more?

How about Marilyn Manson, Jackie Chan, Harry Houdini, Fred Astair. More? Kevin Smith, Ryan Seacrest, Jimmy Kimmel, and don’t forget Bill Gates, the biggest billionaire of them all.

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