Dean search is over


After a search process that went through five attempts and as many committees, Steven Estes has been appointed dean of professional studies.

Two women who took part in the hunt were Library Director Julia Schneider, who was the search committee chair and Jeanne Daffron, assistant vice president for academic and student affairs.

“Timing was not real great in the academic calendar of things,” Schneider said. “The timing drew out and more of the qualified applicants had already taken positions by the time of the year that we ended up finishing a search. One of the searches ended because the candidate had said he was coming, we thought he was coming and then he didn’t show up for his first day of work. That was weird. That was very unbelievable and very unprofessional. The last search the candidate that was chosen did not accept the position, and Dr. Bragin did not feel like we had other qualified applicants to work with.”

Daffron echoes that timing is important when searching for qualified applicants.

“There is a time in academics when people are just going to naturally make a move, and if we are behind that timing, which would typically be in the fall, if you get out of that schedule, it makes it  more difficult to have a pool that you are satisfied with.” Daffron said. “We want the best.”

The last attempt that ended in fruition had 41 applicants, many of whom did not possess the necessary credentials.

“From that 41 people we narrowed the pool,” Schneider said. “We telephone interviewed four of those applicants, and three of those four were brought here for an interview.”

Daffron’s excitement of a fresh perspective on campus is evident.

“I think he is going to bring a lot to Western.” Daffron said. “He is very positive and upbeat, and he is very much a doer. He has had a lot of good experience in management being an administrator so he has been managing people and budgets. I don’t see him having any problems. I think he is a very good fit for us.”

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