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The next step for the Max Experience is to work on the benefit package for the students.

“We want to build school pride here,” Mark Linder, the athletic director at Missouri Western, said. “We are trying to bring another item of quality to a quality school.”

The benefit package includes free concessions, buses from the dorms to the games and many other things that get students involved in the sports programs.

“We want to know the best way to communicate events to students,” Linder said.

The people that control the Max Experience set up a time for students to voice their opinions on how the Max Experience can reach the students better.

People who are interested can go to the Blum Union at 3 p.m. on Dec. 11.

The Max Experience adds to college atmosphere around campus and, if students take advantage of the new things that are offered to them, Missouri Western can become one of the better places to be in this conference.

There are many other projects to go in the Max Experience like the basketball court floor or the new baseball and softball fields but the school is waiting to see how much money is used by the Max Experience in the first year.

The Max Experience only has so much money. If all that money is used in the first year, it delays other projects from starting.

If the Max Experience is not used up then the extra money will start other projects.

“We will have to wait about three years to get a good idea of how much money we will spend year to year,” Linder said.

Three years of the Max Experience gives the people who spend the money a better idea of what they can do every year to improve the atmosphere and improve the sports facilities around campus.

Almost everything that is happening depends on the students.

If the students come to the game, eat the food and use the buses then there is going to be less money at the end of the year to do something else.

“It is a win, win situation for the school,” Linder said. “The atmosphere around the sports program will be great or, if less money is used, we will start another project to make this campus nicer.”

Mark Linder is doing his best to find out what the students want and the best way to communicate to students to take advantage of everything that is offered at Missouri Western.

He wants students and alumni to take pride in their school and sports.

It all depends on you. You pay for it and if you don’t take advantage of it then it is only your fault.

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