Simple Ways to get ready for the holidays

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Okay everyone, we all know the holidays are just about upon us. Most people gorge themselves way beyond the point of being full, and then after about three months of eating candy from Halloween, turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving and a holiday ham for Christmas they want to find a way to shed the new found weight added to their body frame. There is no quick fix for this kind of problem. It takes a commitment to a healthy diet along with exercise. Exercise can shed extra weight if it is done in the right manner. Here are some tips for staying in shape during the holidays.

1. Running is probably the most important thing you can do for your body. You have to run to burn calories and speed up your metabolism which causes weight loss.

2. To properly workout your body, you need to get a full body workout. The upper body has three primary muscles and three secondary muscles.

Primary Secondary
1. Chest Biceps
2. Shoulders Triceps
3. Back Forarms

If you were planning to workout three days a week you would want to combine a primary muscle workout with a secondary muscle workout so you can work out every upper body muscle in that week.

3. The lower body has three major muscles as well to incorporate into your workout.

Lower Body
1. Quadriceps
2. Hamstrings
3. Calves

There are other areas of the lower body too but these are the main lower body muscles.

4. The abdominals can also be broken into three separate groups.

1. Upper abs
2. Lower abs
3. obliques (A.K.A. love handles)

5. The upper and lower portion of the workout should include a high amount of repetitions with a lighter weight. 10 repetitions repeated three to four times should be sufficient.

Light weight + Higher amount of reps= Tone

High weight + Low amount of reps= More size and weight

The abdominal section of the workout seems to be an everyday struggle for most people because the results aren’t seen as fast. Stick with it though and you will lose weight and pant sizes.

6. A good workout plan for a casual person may look something like this:

    Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Upper Body Primary   Back   Shoulders   Chest
Upper Body Secodary   Biceps   Triceps   Fore arms
Lower Body   Quads   Hamstrings   Calves
Abs   Upper   Lower   Obliques

Running at least once or twice a week will help out the progression of your body from fat and flabby to lean and strong!

7. Lifts for:

Biceps- barbell/dumbbell/machine curls

Triceps- cable pull downs

Fore arms- wrist rotations

Back- lat pulls, back extensions, cable rows

Shoulders- military press, front and lateral raises

Chest- flat/incline/dumbbell/decline bench

Quadriceps- squats, lunges, step ups, leg extensions

Hamstrings- standing/laying face down hamstring curls
Calves- standing/sitting calf raises, jump boxes

Upper abs- crunches, decline crunches, ab machine

Lower Abs- Leg ups, Leg circles, hanging knee and leg ups

Obliques- cross over crunches, side crunches

Happy Holidays and stay healthy!!!!

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