Letter to the Editor: Amendment 2

Letter to the Editor

On Oct. 28, 2006, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church invited Tarek Saab and his friend Jason Jones to speak on Amendment 2. Tarek has appeared on Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice, Season Five, and is the CEO of Lionheart Apparel for guys.

Jason Jones is the media director of Human Life International and travels in many foreign countries. These two “thirty-something” men presented a very stimulating call to the  volunteers in attendance to defeat Amendment 2. It was awesome!

They defined stem cell research into two types: adult (65 medical treatment successes), and embryonic (0 cures). They emphasized  how the amendment deceives voters because it attempts to re-define cloning by leading people to believe life begins when the fertilized egg is implanted in the uterus and not at conception.

Tarek told the volunteers that California has been working on embryonic stem cell research for the last 15 years and h as spent $6 billion and still no cure. “It doesn’t work,” said Tarek.

Jason spoke of his global travels and has seen many corruptive documents, but nothing like the deceptive language written in Amendment 2. This amendment will mandate taxpayers to pay for this research by enshrining this into our state constitution. But more horribly, how this Amendment 2 will exploit women, worse than abortion. Both men have stories of how they became to be Pro-Life advocates: one was a spared abortion, the other was the father of a child to whom the mother had a secretive abortion. These two young men were both emotional and passionate about getting out the truth after their own traumatic experiences.

They both had wonderful testimonies in their spiritual journeys defending the truth.

These out-of-town visitors have taken time out from their regular busy lives to promote culture of life, and to help us Missourians defeat Amendment 2. They believe that prayer,
penance, and action is what is needed to defeat this amendment. Evil happens when good people do nothing.

Wake up Missouri!

Pat Baker

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