Torn between the world of sports and learnin’

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News and sports run together everyday, and I have the opportunity to learn about both of these by being a member of The Griffon News and playing football for Missouri Western.

As a member of both The Griffon News and a member of the football team I have an interesting perspective when I play the game.

I can think from a writer’s point of view, analyzing what had happened during the game.

I think of ways that the story of our game can be told as I sit in front of my locker after a win or a loss.

Because I am so involved in the game, I notice many of the things that get overlooked by the casual fan or writer for that matter. Like the hardships and the triumphs that the team had to go through to reach the end result.

I see some of the smallest details that can make the difference between winning and losing.

A key play in a game may not always be the play that fans or people remember in the stands, but every player involved in the game knows what the few crucial plays are that equal wins or losses for your team.

As a writer these plays stick out in my mind even more.

I caught myself the other day talking to my sports editor, Ashley Izer, and I told her some of the little important things that happened during the game that we lost to Northwest Missouri last week just to give her story direction for the story she was going to write.

I know that she has a million things she has to do with the newspaper.

She is there until one or two in the morning every Sunday night putting together the sports section so everyone can read it by Tuesday.

On the other hand, I know the football players woke up at 6 a.m. in the winter and ran for two hours in the gym every week.

These guys fought through two-a-days and injuries. They ran and lifted all year to get where they are today.

No one was watching what they were doing at this time. No accolades came for doing these things, but still they did it to put together the type of season that Missouri Western has never had before.

This may be where the whole conflict of interest thing comes into play. I am too close to everything going on with the team and the newspaper to be a part of either, but I have respect for how tough both things can be at times.

This doesn’t stop me from learning though, every situation I enter I feel as if I can learn something.

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