Get your facts straight about tuition


Last semester, when the bells rang out that Missouri Western was raising tuition $9 per credit hour, a groan seemed to come from the very souls of the students. We all groaned, and forgot that for the past three years Western held steady while other institution’s tuition crept higher each year.

Amongst the groaning and gnashing of teeth and questioning whether to sell appendages to pay to go to school are worth the hassle, keep in mind that Western’s funding is not a bottomless well.

With the state funding Western less and less as the years go by, who is to pick up the slack? The students have to foot the bill through fees and tuition increases.

Also keep in mind that Western has bills to pay. Employees need to be paid. Health costs are not on the decrease and the campus needs to be maintained and updated from time to time.

On the other side, if anyone asks what students are getting as a benefit from this increase they can log onto the financial aid Web site and peruse through the mountains of scholarships available to them. Financial aid at Western has increased dramatically over the past three years without a raise in tuition. With this increased tuition, more students will be able to receive funding from the school. Not everyone is a beneficiary, but this is fair for those students who do not have the financial support to pay for college.

If looking at a bill from Missouri Western this semester compared to last semester induces bouts of dizziness, just think that everyone is doing their part to help those who are less fortunate. Think of it as a philanthropic venture and possibly a self-investment.

Students should not just moan and groan about tuition going on the rise again. They should ask why it is rising and who are the beneficiaries of this increase before blindly cursing the administration and jumping to uninformed conclusions. Dig deeper tuition payers, Western is still one of the least expensive universities in Missouri.

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