Fans needed for playoffs

Commentary Football

The Griffon football team is making a push for the playoffs.

This may be the best team Missouri Western has ever had. Where is the fan support? We are 7-1 rated, second in the regional poll, which we would have a home game as of right now and we are ranked 14 in the nation.

We still get the minimum fan support! We can’t even fill our small stadium with enough fans for one side much less the tiny visitors side. It’s kind of embarrassing.

The people who went to the Northwest game saw the atmosphere that we should be creating around our program. Get excited about this opportunity to be a part of our team as we make a run at the playoffs.

We need your help! We can make our stadium hostile and loud, but we need fans to come to the games.

Try to find a way to make it to the Saturday games and support the team as we try to get to the national championship game.

Don’t wait to jump on our bandwagon. We are good now! Come to the games and be a part of the game and the team. Help us win ball games!

You can really make the difference between a win and a loss when playoff time comes around. We like having fans yell and scream and say crazy things at the opponent. It pumps us up and makes us play that much harder.

Anyway, I hope this will make you think about your decisions for the weekend. Put off going home to Kansas City for the weekend. You can go home anytime. People of St. Joseph, where have you been? The games are basically free of charge! COME!

Everyone now pays for the Max Experience in their tuition so take advantage of it or the extra money you are spending to come to this college is not getting used.

Our team plays college football like it is meant to be played. Hard and with a lot of emotion plus, we win. What more do you want from us? Our last home game is Nov. 4, where will you be?

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