Baseball limelight controversy

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Let me get one thing out there, I am a Cardinals fan, and they deserved to win this World Series. This team has had a lot of heartache in the previous two post seasons. Swept in the World Series in ’04 by the Red Sox and then being beaten by the Houston Astros in last years playoffs. So this year, barely clinching the Division, fighting their way tooth and nail through the NLDS and the NLCS, they finally had a shot at redemption.

Next on the list; I don’t like Kenny Rogers, never have. Unless he writes me a big check, I probably never will. The camera man incident was just the icing on the cake for me. All because Kenny, a man that is on TV at least once a week during the regular season, didn’t want to be filmed during practice.

If it were to have ended there, maybe I would be content with never mentioning his name again, but Kenny couldn’t stay out of the controversy limelight forever.

Game 2 of the World Series started off pretty routine, and the first inning went on without incident, but then the second inning started, and suddenly everyone in the baseball loving world knew that Kenny Rogers had something on his hand. What was it? Kenny says it was mud, others say pine tar. Why didn’t Tony La Russa do anything about it? We may never know the real reason, whether his friendship with Tigers manager Jim Leyland influenced his decision remains a mystery and besides, it was gone by the second inning and Rogers went on to pitch scoreless innings. Issue resolved right? Well, not quite.

See, the next day ESPN’s web page posted some very interesting pictures, showing Mr. Rogers once again, this time in the American League Championship Series, and what did it show? A smudge, very similar to the one shown on his hand in Game 2 of the World Series, and it was in the exact same spot. If he would have just come right out and said “I did it” I honestly would not have such a grudge against him, but he has the audacity to sit there and say that he didn’t realize it at the time.

Put aside the ready-made excuses he had for him, it was cold. A lot of other pitchers supposedly do it, he went on to pitch his team to victory, do I agree with those statements? Yes. But to tell people that it was an accident is just ridiculous, the Cardinals even collected balls after the game that Rogers had allegedly been scuffing with his fingernails.

The worst part about it is that Major League Baseball is doing what it does best, turning the other cheek. Baseball has a lot of room for players to cheat and give them just enough of an advantage to come out victorious. Scuffing a baseball makes it rotate differently, corking a bat makes the ball go farther and we know it happens, but for once do something about it.

Fines aren’t going to keep multi million dollar athletes from trying to slip in their tricks. When you cheat in college you get kicked out, maybe that’s what needs to happen here. The buck stops with the umpires of a baseball game, if they catch a player cheating, they should do something about it, eject them and then let the higher ups dish out the proper discipline, hopefully a suspension. Or has the league become so infested with players gaining unfair advantages that there wouldn’t be anyone left to play Major League Baseball? I would certainly hope not, but I don’t think the possibility is that far out.

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