Soccer women defend their turf


The football team was not the first team to get a win on the new Spratt Stadium turf as the women’s soccer team played their first home game of this year and won 3-2 against Concordia-St. Paul.

The team has played well to start the season, in their first three games the team has lost, won and tied games. This is a significant improvement from last years inexperienced squad that had their first win come late in the season and that lost seven games by one goal.

The first win at Spratt was due to goals by senior Nikki Heiser, junior Meigan Soo, and senior Michealla Guadiana. The offense which hadn’t scored in the two previous games of the season came through for the Griffs as they jumped to a 3-0 lead. When asked about her first goal emotions she replied.


“It always feels good when your hard work pays off and you can help your team win,” Guadiana said.

The team had just enough to hold on at the end. Concordia was not going to go down easily as the Bears put together two goals late in the game and fought resiliently to make it a nailbighter, but the Griffons refused to lose the first home game of the season.

“The biggest thing for us to win is to communicate with each other,” Guadiana said. “When we do that the game becomes easier for all of us.”

The first game of the season was a close one. The lady Griffons lost in the last minutes of the game. The score was tied 0-0 late in the game, just seconds were left. Then Winona State scored the goal they needed to win the game.

In their second game of the season the Missouri Western women pitched a shutout, but, once again, the team could not put a goal on the board. The team tied Viterbo University. The defense once again played a solid game, but the offense did not show up.

The team has seemed to gel with another for another year of playing with each other. No one graduated or transferred from the team last year which had to deal with all the problems of a first year program. Some of the biggest problems are experience with each other and in big games. Nikki Heiser responded to this

“The major difference from last season and this season is Jeff Hansen our new coach,” Hieser said. “He has brought a new dimension and style that fits our team better than the coach of last years team.”

The coach has also put forth goals not only on the field, but off of it as well. He would like every member of the team to have at least a 3.0 grade point average for the year.

As for on the field activity, the team wants to attain seven wins. This can always change if the team reaches their goal. The team is starting small and attainable. Then, once they reach their goals, the team will make new ones.

The experiences they faced last year should help the Griffs this year as they try to improve every game this season, and take the momentum of a good start for a second-year program into the future.

The Griffon ladies defended their own turf yet again last Sunday, Sept. 10, when they went head to head with the Peacocks of Upper Iowa State.

Although getting off to a late start due to rain the Griffs were able to hold off the Peacocks in overtime and secure the score at 0-0, setting a 1-2-2 record.

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