Let’s raise some standards here


Recently the Griffon News reported on the two new polices of the academic and attendance standards that the student body, especially the freshmen class, must follow. This is a good step forward for the year-old MWSU, but should not be the last.

Changes need to continue progressively within the next few years to help this school become a better university. These changes can be seen as growing pains but they are needed. Western has been a college that focuses on giving everybody a chance at a decent college education, thus the open enrollment.

This policy is much needed in today’s higher education environment where the cost of tuition skyrockets and quality is not so great, but because of the university status, this philosophy needs to be amended to help better the university.

One major argument that I have been making since my sophomore year is that an ACT minimum should be required for this school.

It was an idea that I now know would not have fit with the “college” mentality but because we are a university now, that idea should be considered and not tossed away with the excuse of the open enrollment philosophy.

The reasonable number for this minimum is 18, which is in line for other schools like Western in the state.

This required minimum should only be applied to incoming freshmen straight out of high school (or have been out of high school 2 years or less).

This would help better the quality of the freshman class, thus the student body, and leaves alone the non-traditional students who are a vital part of this school and have already proven themselves.

This may seem like I am picking on the freshmen, but coming from the perspective of senior, I can tell you that I’m not. This school does so much for the freshmen class (while seemingly ignoring the upper classmen) because of the amount of money they bring in for the school that an ACT requirement is not a restriction but a way of justifying the amount of attention that the school gives the freshmen.

We are a university now and this change needs to happen, not overnight but sometime in the near future.

There is a desire to add master level degrees in the future and this can only be done when an ACT requirement is in place.

In addition, this requirement would be a great attractor of businesses, professors, and even more students to this school because it would develop an even higher quality student body.

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