Fitness Center: Not as scary as you may think

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by Lindsay Bosch 

Walking into the Baker Family Fitness Center can be a little overwhelming for a newcomer.

Baker Fitness CenterThe first thing you see to your right is the front desk where it is mandatory to leave your student ID during your workout. Once past the front desk, you’ll notice the free weight room on the right where there are a few sweaty athletes doing their lifts. Farther into the Fitness Center, free weights and Nautilus equipment that take up much of the space. At the very end, you come upon the cardio room where treadmills, elliptical machines and stair-steppers. From that room, you peer through a window to see some students working on ab exercises.

The next step you should make is to join in on the fun of working out in the Fitness Center. It is a great place to go to relieve the stress of school and work by giving your body a little exercise.

“I have benefited from the Fitness Center in countless ways from bodybuilding to a general high self-confidence, and of course, the extreme health benefits that almost always accompany a good diet and or exercise program,” said Erik Borger, who frequents the Fitness Center at least 20 hours a week.

Amy Simpson, the director of the Fitness Center, has noticed there are a lot of regular faces, and many students do actually use the Fitness Center.

“Students only need to be enrolled in one credit hour to use the facility,” Simpson said.

It’s more like a family; everyone for the most part is really nice and is more than glad to help new students coming to the Fitness Center.

“For anyone who is considering stopping in for a workout, I will personally roll out the welcome mat,” Borger said.

The thousands of dollars that have been invested in the Fitness Center is a good reason for students to work out, but the money shouldn’t be the only reason. There are real advantages to working out.

“There are huge benefits to working out,” Simpson said. “Plus, it’s a bargain to use the facility as compared to other places around town.”

The Fitness Center has a variety of equipment for students to find something that fits their workout needs.

“The elliptical machines and the treadmills are the most popular among Fitness Center users,” Simpson said. “And the bench press and free weights are also favorites among users.”

Student Jenessa Henderson has been a member at Alice’s Energy Connection and has also used the YMCA; however, she feels the Fitness Center has more and better equipment to work out with. In addition, some other workout facilities can cost $30 or more a month.

“Being able to use the facilities on campus saves me a ton on gym memberships,” student Brett Coder said.

Borger also sees the Fitness Center as a place to catch up with friends.

“Some go to bars; I go to the gym,” Borger said.

Athletes use the Fitness Center on a daily basis. Students considering working out need to make note that between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. are the busy times in the Fitness Center. During this time there are athletic teams that do team workouts, and it is primetime for students getting out of class or off work to go work out.

Other busy times are the beginning of each semester Simpson said. As the students get busy with homework, the student count goes down because students feel they have an excuse not to work out.

Lindsay McDaniel uses the Fitness Center on a regular basis, making it in around five times a week.

“Don’t make excuses about not having time to work out,” McDaniel said. She feels that all students can fit 20 minutes here and there during their schedules to work out. Coder also feels that it is easy to get in a quick workout between classes with the facilities on campus.

Students need to find the time to workout, because it is good to get started on a workout program while you’re young. That way, it may stick with you through graduation and beyond.

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