Just when you think nothing else could go wrong…


And just that quick, my favorite sunglasses were claimed by the depths.

Had I not been so shocked, I really would have plunged in after them.

After all, I’d had these for, what, almost a year now?

That’s a record for me.

Somehow every pair of sunglasses I buy end up scratched, bent or MIA within a couple of months of their purchase.

As tragic as the loss of my favorite shades was, there were more traumatic events that took place during my trip to go sailing with some friends in Nebraska this summer.

As expected, my car-full of excited sailors-to-be got on the road later than scheduled, but thankfully we finally made it out of the city limits.

Ever since I got my car, Jack, he’s been begging me for a road trip, so I was excited to take him out to stretch his legs a little.

I enjoy being a passenger on these kind of trips, so I let a couple of my guy friends take turns driving so I wouldn’t have to.

Our destination was Johnson Lake, NE, which is about 5 hours from here, give or take.

About half way into the trip, we came into Lincoln, as well as a situation
that totally caught us offguard.

The Low Coolant and Check Engine lights blinked and then stayed on.

It was at this point I was breathing a prayer of thanks that one of the guys
with us worked at a car shop, because I am your stereotypical clueless girl when it comes to mechanical things.

We pulled off the highway, checked everything out, tried to start Jack back up again, but he had other ideas.

We weren’t going anywhere.

We got there just as the shops closed on a Friday, so the five of us ended up crashing in Lincoln with the brother of the guy we were actually going to stay with.

We made arrangements to have my car towed to a shop in the morning, and had our buddy come pick us up and take us the rest of the way.

I’ve never had a car break down on me before, so I was spazzing out to say the least, and it never helps to know you’ll have to utter the words, “Daddy, I might need your credit card number…”

Luckily I was with some of the most fun people that kept my spirits up, and I have parents who are always there when their little girl needs them, or it could have been a pretty bad situation.

As it was, everything was taken care of.

We made it to our destination, and eventually onto a sailboat under the purest blue Midwest sky you could imagine.

So there I was, sitting on the side of the boat lowest to the water, just enjoying the day, when a rope slipped and the boom flew at my head, skimming my scalp and smacking my sunglasses into the water.

Had I been sitting three inches to the left, a piece of metal rigging would have caused some major damage to my face.

I mean major.

Taking that into consideration, I was thankful my sunglasses took the hit and not my nose.

Due to delays at the car shop, we all had to stay there for a few extra days, and believe me I was crying about it as I zipped around the marina on a jet ski for hours.

Eventually we made it back home, us with sunburns and Jack with a brand new intake manifold… or something like that.

Looking back on an adventure like that, I can only laugh. Sometimes when it seems like nothing else could go wrong, it’s easy to forget how good I really have it.

Here’s to good friends, fun memories, loving family and the lack of need for reconstructive surgery.

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